County Commissioners Making Small Changes to Scholarship Rules

County Commissioners Making Small Changes to Scholarship Rules

SWEETWATER COUNTY – Small changes to the Sweetwater County Commissioners Scholarship program were presented at Tuesday’s commission meeting.

Commissioner Randall Wendling has been working with some of the language in the program and brought forth several small changes on Tuesday. Wendling said the changes are small. They include things such as adding the specific class year and adding language which states incomplete applications will not be accepted.

One requirement is the scholarship can only be used at the University of Wyoming or one of the Wyoming Community Colleges. Wendling explained there have been some questions about whether or not the scholarship could be deferred. New language added specifically states it cannot be deferred.

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During the meeting, Wendling informed his fellow commissioners that when he was principal, he would often look at the scholarship form and say it needed to be changed. Commission Chairman Wally Johnson said Wendling was the expert on the issue and the commissioners would rely on his expertise on the matter.

Wendling plans on continuing to work on the scholarship, explaining he will now try to meet with the high schools and the counselors involved in the scholarship process and see if other changes are necessary.