20th Annual Helping Hands Day Taking Shape; Volunteers Needed

20th Annual Helping Hands Day Taking Shape; Volunteers Needed

Pictured, last year one of two Mandros Painting teams were working on repainting the Food Bank in Rock Springs. The second team hosted an ice cream social for the residence of Mansface Terrace.

SWEETWATER COUNTY — United Way of Southwest Wyoming’s (UWSW) 20th Annual Helping Hands Day in Southwest Wyoming is set for August 22. Projects range from house repairs and yard work for senior citizens and veterans to improvement projects for local non-profit groups.

Volunteer teams are needed to complete the projects that have been submitted. “Get a team together of your family, friends or co-workers. Teams can be any size and range in skill level. Once a team picks a project we will then help them coordinate working with the agency or individual and to get the needed supplies,” said Kelly Frink, Co-Executive Director for United Way of Southwest Wyoming.

When a project requires supplies that the agency or individual cannot afford the team can either gather the supplies themselves or, because of local sponsors, can submit a supply request to have needed supplies donated.

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“Individuals submit project requests because typically they cannot physically do the projects themselves and cannot afford to do them. Non-profit groups submit projects that have been on the back burner because their clients’ needs come first. By having projects completed by volunteers they can use their funds to serve our community. This is national volunteerism event that will raise awareness of challenges in our community and let’s people see when we work together, we can accomplish more than we can on our own,” said Frink.

Projects do not have to be completed on August 22nd. Teams are encouraged to work with the individual or agency to complete the project on a day that works for everyone.

For more information and to view the submitted projects go to www.swunitedway.org, or contact Tracy Nelson at the UWSW office by calling 307-362-5003 or by email at tnelson@swunitedway.org.