5 Ways to Fulfill Big Resolutions Without Setting Them


New Year’s Resolutions can be a daunting and complicated venture to most people.

Some attempt to tackle major goals without plans or preparation beforehand. Others simply forego the process due to lack of self-esteem or motivation.

This article outline a few suggestions for new habits you can form that will help you control how you feel about 2019 on this day next year. One of the best things about these suggestions is that they mostly require forethought and follow through. There’s no special equipment needed and you can begin as soon as you like!

Note: This list has not been compiled by a lifestyle expert, but is merely an attempt to help spur change in our reader’s lives. 💪

1- Read Regularly

Reading anything is great for the growth and function of the mind, whether it’s fictional or factual, and doing it in small amounts every day is a reasonably attainable goal for most people.

Lets say you decide to create the habit of reading one chapter of a book each night before bed. By mid-year you might be able to say you’ve read x amount of books so far this year. Thereby reaching a goal that you were never confined to but is simply a benefit of your new habit.

Side note on this one: If you chose to take on reading regularly as a new habit, it’s also great to use that as an opportunity to learn more about something you’re passionate about. Not only does this benefit you personally, it gives you the opportunity to impart knowledge on others and can break the ice in an awkward elevator scenario.

2-Prioritize Your Health

A typical resolution is “lose 10 lbs.”, “quit smoking”, or “exercise 5X per week”.

Without a doubt these things are all great to boast as achievements but instead putting extra pressure on yourself by focusing on the end result, we suggest dedicating yourself to being mindful of how you treat yourself.

Deciding to prioritize your health means considering what you’re doing and whether or not it has a positive or negative impact on your mind and body. A process that can lead to some big achievements if you decide to cut out the ones that impact you negatively.


  • stopped over-eating
  • stand up for myself
  • exercise regularly.

These are all possible outcomes of prioritizing your health that can start with deciding to consider how the effect things have on you.

3- Be Thoughtful & Kind

By now we all know that the “Golden Rule” is Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated. It was important when you learned it in Kindergarten and it’s equally as important now.

Remember important dates, listen thoughtfully, go out of your way to help someone or make their day.

The sole intention of doing these thing shouldn’t be to reap something in return, but the truth is that often times it does.


  • find happiness in helping,
  • met my significant other
  • maintained meaningful relationships

These are all possible achievements that stem from being thoughtful & kind.

4- Schedule Your Time & Be Punctual

Use your alarm clock. Use several alarm clocks. There are only so many hours in a day, but there is an infinite number of ways to use them.

You can’t utilize them properly without being on some sort of schedule and following through to make things happen on time.


  • got the job/promotion I wanted
  • hit the gym 5 days a week
  • saw my daughter’s dance recital

These are some of the many possible achievements that can come out of being where you’re supposed to be when you’re supposed to be there.

5 - Use Your Voice

It’s always good practice to exercise restraint before you sound off about how you feel, but not saying anything for the sake of keeping the peace can sometimes lead to a negative outcome.

If you feel passionately about something, form your opinion and speak up. You are your biggest advocate and ally and sometimes taking the best care of yourself means letting other people know how you feel.


  • let go of a toxic relationship
  • stopped others from being hurt
  • created a needed change

These are a few of the multitude of outcome that can be a result speaking your mind.

To see big achievements from implementing these ideas in your own life you will have to make them a habit. While it can be easy to form bad habits because they offer obvious instant gratification, it can be more difficult to make a good habit stick.

For steps and information on how to form new, healthy habits view the article:

The Science Behind Adopting New Habits (And Making Them Stick)

The list above is just our suggestions, but we hope you’ll consider them and maybe even come up with some of your own. Today is the first day of a new year and a perfect opportunity to start something new.

GOOD LUCK! We’re rooting for you. 😉