6th Annual Tiger Town Bash Set for September 5

6th Annual Tiger Town Bash Set for September 5

The Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency (URA) along with Rock Springs High School have finalized plans for the sixth annual Tiger Town Bash.  Set for Thursday, September 5, the Tiger Town Bash will showcase our TIGER PRIDE as our students head back to school; it’s also just before the first home football game.

The cheerleaders, Tiger Rhythm Dance Team, and marching band will be performing, and all clubs, organizations, and groups are invited to set-up and showcase their activities.  Everyone is encouraged to wear orange and black on Thursday and concessions will be available at the event. 

The event will take place in the parking area along North Front this year to accommodate growing crowds.  The 2019 Class of Hall of Fame inductees and the marching band, along with all of the participating clubs, will march down Edgar to North Front Street where festivities will begin at 3:45 pm. 

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The schedule includes: 

3:45 pm: Band and all fall sports/activities round up at the west parking lot.

  • Band is first in line and will lead the parade
  • Hall of Fame members are next in line and football is right after them

4 pm– All teams begin marching down to the old Urban Renewal district.

  • This will now be located on North Front Street open parking lot

4:25 pm– Mrs. Fletcher/Mr. Jassman intro Tiger Town Bash festivities

  • Intro all activities in attendance
  • Make introductory announcement about the Hall of Fame inductees

4:30 pm– Intro Band/Coach Redmond & Choir/Leesa Kuhlmann

  • Band does Drum line/performance (i.e. school song)
  • Choir does performance (i.e. school song)
  • Notify every one of their main event(s)
  • Athletes speech
  • Team Cheer

4:40 pm– Intro Volleyball/Coach Pyer

  • Speech about coming up game
  • Athletes speak about attending the game
  • Volleyball girls do a pre-game cheer

4:45 pm– Intro Cheer/Coach Douchant

  • Speech from coach about the program
  • Athletes speak about how they are going to get students to attend events.
  • Team introduces crowd involving cheer

4:50 pm– Intro Football/Coach Lenhardt

  • Upcoming events/program success
  • Athletes speech
  • Sport team cheer

4:55 pm– Intro Cross Country/Coach Dekrey

  • Coach speaks of their event
  • Athletes speak of success
  • Team Cheer

5 pm– Intro Hall of Fame Inductees

  • This will include inductee process and halftime bio recognition
    • Athlete: Stan Pivic, Gerald Mattinson, Kim Buston, and Bill Strannigan
    • Distinguished Alumni: Joe Legerski, Dr. Nick Mamalis, Dr. Paul Bertagnolli, Dr. John Demshar
    • Team: 1987 and 1988 State Champion Golf Teams
    • Coach: Ted Schroeder and Sheila Syvrud
    • Contributor: Mike Willmore Sr.

5:10 pm– Recognize softball as a new sanctioned sport

  • This is for the 20-21 school year

5:15 pm– Intro Speech & Debate Team/Stephanie Cozzens

  • Explain what is Speech & Debate
  • Notify every one of their main home event
  • Team Cheer

5:20 pm– Intro Dance/Coach Doak

  • Notify every one of their main competition & successes
  • Team Performs Dance

5:30 pm– Intro Tiger Thespian Troupe/Richard Merrill

  • Explain what is Tiger Thespian group
  • Notify every one of their main home event(s)
  • Team Cheer

5:35 pm– Intro Golf/Coach Legerski

  • Notify every one of their schedule
  • Athletes speak of success
  • Team Cheer

5:40 pm– Intro Girls Swimming/Coach DeFauw

  • Coach speaks of major events
  • Players speak of support for their home events
  • Team Cheer

5:45 pm– Intro Tennis/Coach Anderson (In competition)

  • Speech about coming up game
  • Athletes speak to get students to attend
  • Tiger FB players do their pre-game cheer

5:50 pm– Intro Student Council/Amberlee Beardsley

  • Sponsor speaks of their major event
  • Students speak of activities for homecoming
  • Team Cheer

5:55 pm– Football team starts assembling for departure back to school

  • Teams are still in groups
  • Return in the same order

6 pm– All teams start marching back RSHS

6:15 pm– Students arrive at RSHS—students depart

The Tiger Town Bash was introduced in 2014 by the Rock Springs Main Street/URA as a means of building community & school spirit while involving students in Downtown Rock Springs. 

The Rock Springs Main Street/URA is charged with the redevelopment of Downtown Rock Springs.  As part of their mission, there are four standing committees – Economic Restructuring, Organization, Promotions, and Design.  The Organization Committee plays a key role in keeping the Board, Committees, staff and programs of work in good shape by attracting people and funds for the organization. 

For more information contact the Rock Springs Main Street/URA at 307-352-1434 or visit their website at DowntownRS.com.