Budgets Cuts May Cost Wyoming Teachers Their Raises

Budgets Cuts May Cost Wyoming Teachers Their Raises

CHEYENNE — While Wyoming is generally one of the better states when it comes to pay and pay increases for its teachers, teachers may lose their raises due to possible budget cuts by the Legislature.

According to the National Education association’s website, from 2012-2013, Wyoming teachers had the 4th highest average starting salary in the nation at $43,269. According to a study released by the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services in 2012, Wyoming teachers average earnings were $59,168.

Previously, enrolled Act 56 provided about $6 million in an external cost adjustment to schools to pay for teachers’ raises; however, that cost adjustment is not currently included in the current 2017-18 budget. While this exclusion was not on purpose, the passage of time combined with the dips in the oil and gas industry, which could lead to a loss of about $600 million for the state, make it seem less and less likely that legislators will approve the external cost adjustment.

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Legislators are aware of the problem and it is now up to the legislative body to make sure this issue is addressed.

-John L. Freeman, Dist. 60 Representative


The adjustment will first be considered by the joint appropriations committee markup in a meeting next week.