Barton Family Benefit to take place May 10 – Rib Dinner served at 5 pm live music at 7 pm; Event will take place at Marty’s Gastro Pub and is sponsored by the American Legion Riders


ROCK SPRINGS — When Oliver Barton was first diagnosed with cancer, he was in the final year of attaining his doctoral degree at the Forest Institute of Psychology in Missouri. Soon after, he was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis, a disease where the body’s own immune system mistakes liver cells as foreign cells and attacks them, resulting in chronic inflammation of the liver and eventual failure. In the midst of all the turmoil surrounding his health, Oliver received his doctoral degree in sports psychology and bravely pushed on to complete his internship and residency.

Over the course of ten years, Oliver has conquered cancer three additional times and battled with numerous setbacks related to his autoimmune disease. He now has end-stage liver disease and, despite everyday challenges, does his best to gather the strength and enthusiasm to continue working and to be an incredible, loving father and husband.

Due to his last fight with cancer, Oliver was taken off the national transplant list, but will begin testing later this month to resume his position in wait for a healthy liver. His wife, Theresa, is a blood type match to Oliver and will undergo testing to be a living donor in the chance that a liver doesn’t become available in time.

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-There are currently over 17,000 children and adults on the national liver transplant list. Approximately 1,500 people die waiting for a donated liver to become available.