Boys & Girls Club Receives $8,000 Grant from Wyoming Community Foundation

The Wyoming Community Foundation (WCF) board members stand with embers from the Boys & Girls Club of Sweetwater County. The WCF awarded an $8,000 grant to the BGC of Sweetwater County. This grant will help the BGC of Sweetwater County to continue to help youth in the community. Pictured top row, left to right: WCF Board Member Shelby Vasa, BGC of Sweetwater County CEO Lisa Stewart, Nazalie Gerken, Keirah Dean, WCF Board Member Alex Nelson, Brynlee Blake, WCF Board Member Jack Costantino. Bottom row, left to right: Tavia Shalata, Alexis Rivera-Little, and Chloe Senstock.

SWEETWATER COUNTY– The Boys & Girls Club of Sweetwater County received an $8,000 grant from the Wyoming Community Foundation. This grant will help with general operating costs associated with providing a safe place for youth in the community.

“This is the fourth year we have received funds from the Wyoming Community Foundation. We are excited to receive it again to help us continue to keep our blue doors open,” said BGC of Sweetwater County CEO, Lisa Stewart. “We are truly grateful that the Wyoming Community Foundation chooses to believe in our mission here in our community,” said Stewart.

The BGC of Sweetwater County will begin its 9th summer program on May 28th. Last summer, they averaged 110 members a day with a high of 154 members. During the summer the Club takes its members to the movies and swimming. They facilitate activities around education, career development, character and leadership, sports and recreation, and the arts every day that their organization is open.

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The Wyoming Community Foundation held a competition between three Sweetwater County nonprofits that allowed participants to vote online as well as at their event on April 11th. In addition to the $8,000 grant the BGC of Sweetwater County will also receive a $500 grant from the Wyoming Community Foundation in partnership with Searle Bros. Construction. The BGC of Sweetwater County would like to thank all of the individuals who voted for their organization in this competition as well as the Searle Bros. Construction for this opportunity.

To learn more about the BGC of Sweetwater County contact CEO, Lisa Stewart, at or (307)382-2639.