Casper Police Investigating Sexual Battery Claims by 15 Teenage Girls

A suspect was taken into custody yesterday in the Bridger Valley following reports of a threat to a student at Lyman High School.

CASPER — The Casper-Star Tribune reported yesterday that 15 girls ranging in ages from middle school to high school were part of a “game” where male students challenged each other to inappropriately touch their female peers.

The report surfaced when several female students came forward and said they’d been victimized several months ago, before the recent uptick in reports.

Casper Police Sgt. Scott Jones said the “game” involves males singling out female students and daring each other to touch the girls in their “intimate” areas, according to the Tribune report.

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Jones told the paper he’s “fairly confident” that all the Casper middle schools and both high schools “have been affected by it, to one degree or another.”

Jone added the behavior happened in schools and involved victims as young as sixth-graders up through seniors in high school. He said some of the alleged perpetrators had victimized multiple female students and that the numbers were higher than what authorities knew, the Tribune article states.

“The number I’m giving you is just what’s been reported to us. We know there’s incidents that occurred that have not gone reported.” —
Casper Police Sgt. Scott Jones

Jones told the Tribune that he’s unclear exactly where and when the game began, and that as far as authorities knew the victims were almost entirely female and the perpetrators male.

Several court summons for male students accused of inappropriately touching their female peers have already been issued with more expected, according to the report.

Sexual battery is a misdemeanor under Wyoming law, defined as when a person “unlawfully subjects another person to any sexual contact.” It’s punishable by imprisonment for up to a year and a fine of up to $1,000.