Catching Up With the Past: Holly Hunt

Catching Up With the Past: Holly Hunt

Photo by Olivia Kennah.

FREMONT, Nebraska — Former Green River High School goalkeeper, Holly Hunt, currently prepares to kickoff her sophomore year as a student-athlete at Midland University later this year. While many soccer games remain ahead of her, the first year brought many valuable lessons and memories that will be cherished.

Like most youth, Hunt began playing soccer in her youth. But it wasn’t until she had started traveling soccer that she found a deep passion for the sport that sparked her interest in playing at the collegiate level. Her dreams soon centered around playing soccer as long as possible.

Hunt’s hunger to achieve her goal to play college soccer led her through a successful high school experience. With many ups and downs, she battled from being a backup and dealing with injuries to eventually earning the starting spot as the Lady Wolves’ goalkeeper. During her time at GRHS, she earned three varsity letters on the Lady Wolves’ soccer team and graduated as an honors student.

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With her high school career behind her, Hunt’s decision to continue her athletic career was granted by Midland University. Hunt recalls her recruiting experience as an emotional roller coaster.

“I went to Midland University in Fremont, Nebraska for my recruiting visit. While I was there I did a workout with the coaching staff and got to meet some of the girls on the team. At the end of my visit Coach Greg Jarosik offered me a scholarship and told me to think about what I wanted to do and let him know. During our travels home my parents and I discussed the distance, my options financially, and what a huge opportunity it is to get the chance to continue playing in college. When I made my decision to attend Midland University on a soccer scholarship I had many different emotions. I called Coach Greg to inform him of my decision and he was just as emotional as I was,” Hunt said.

Improvement and Progression

There have been many lessons learned as a student-athlete for Hunt. One of those lessons that specifically stands out is that putting school first will always be the priority. While she was sidelined with an injury her freshman season, the opportunity to see the significance of school made an impact.

“I have learned that school will always come first no matter what level you are playing at,” Hunt said. “I have learned that eventually all of your hard work that you put in on the field, off the field, and in the classroom does actually pay off in your favor.”

Hunt’s hard work on and off the field has found her great success in her short time at Midland University. Academically she made the Dean’s list throughout her first year of college. On the athletic side she battled an injury this season that kept her on the sideline. Despite the injury, she looks forward to helped the Midland Warriors finish the 2018-19 season with a 14-3-4 record. The team ended up making it to the Elite 8 in the NAIA National Championship last season.

Even though Hunt has experienced much as a Warrior, she knows that there are great opportunities ahead of her to improve and progress.

“One major goal I have for the rest of my time as a college athlete is to continue to improve every day and help my team win a National Championship,” Hunt said.