Celebrating 152 Years of the Transcontinental Railroad, Rock Springs Style

Celebrating 152 Years of the Transcontinental Railroad, Rock Springs Style

Dave Bunning pours out the first glass from the Brush Creek Distillery barrels heading for Saratoga. (Photos by Dave Arambel)

When John Bunning Transfer Supervisor Andy Fletcher was contacted by Andrew Wason about a promotional event celebrating the anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad, Fletcher saw a great opportunity.

Wason is the Managing Director at Brush Creek Distillery based in Saratoga, WY, and he wanted to partner with JBT to not only to promote the railroad, but also tease some new Brush Creek flavors coming out later this year.

Members of the Bunning family, JBT employees and other residents joined Wason in sampling one of the new flavors from a fresh barrel tapped by Fletcher himself. Dave Bunning did the honors of pouring out small snifters of 120 proof whiskey from a copper tube that siphons the batch from the barrel .

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Eighty barrels of whiskey distilled in southern Indiana was moved to a warehouse in Chicago, IL and stored there for five years, according to Wason. Those barrel then made their way to Wyoming by railcar and dropped at the JBT freight yard on Blairtown Road. From there, crews reloaded the barrels onto new cars in the freight yard where they were transferred to Saratoga for one last round of aging.

Later this year Brush Creek Distillery will launch a promotional campaign for its new flavors. They’re not in store quite yet, but keep an eye out for this one-of-a-kind local treat at your favorite liquor store.