Church & Dwight Donates Pallets of PPE to Memorial Hospital

Church & Dwight Donates Pallets of PPE to Memorial Hospital

Crews from Church and Dwight drop off more than 12,000 masks of different varieties to Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County last week.

ROCK SPRINGS — Church & Dwight Co. Inc. employees at the Green River plant on Friday donated five pallets of personal protective equipment and laundry detergent to Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County.

“As a local company, we can’t thank you enough for the work you’re doing to keep our community healthy and safe,” Green River Plant Manager Tom Findlow said in a letter to MHSC CEO Irene Richardson. “Thank you for helping us get through this challenging time.”

Church & Dwight donated 8,000 medical-grade masks, 4,000 non-surgical masks, and 400 N95 masks to “help provide your staff some relief in your heroic efforts,” Findlow said.

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In addition, Church & Dwight provided all Sweetwater Memorial employees with laundry detergent manufactured at the Green River plant. “We know this is a scarce commodity, as well,” he said.

“This comes at the perfect time, as it helps us get elective surgeries going again,” said Angel Bennett, MHSC Materials Management Director. “PPE has been very difficult to come by. We can’t thank them enough.”

“Oh, my goodness, this brings tears to my eyes,” Richardson said. “We are so blessed to live in such a great community.”

For more information on how to donate PPE, contact the Sweetwater Memorial Materials Management Department at 307-352-8487.