Commissioners Hear Updates on Spring Creek Ranch Fire

Commissioners Hear Updates on Spring Creek Ranch Fire

Haze filled skies contributed to the visual drama Tuesday. The smoke is coming from wild fires in various western states.

SWEETWATER COUNTY – Updates on recent fires were given to the Sweetwater County Commissioners on Tuesday.

Fire Warden Mike Bournazian was able to break away from a busy last few days to give a brief report of current situations.

Crews are currently deployed to a fire northeast of Spring Creek Ranch. Bournazian said it is holding at 10 acres but has been a challenge for crews.

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The fire is in rugged terrain and according to the fire warden it is burning in thick Junipers.

“It’s in a remote location you have to hike into,” he said

A cold front continues to move through the area and even with the drop in temperature it did not change much. Bournazian said the winds have been a difficult challenge for firefighters.

Sweetwater County should have crews on location for at least another day.

Sweetwater County Fire Warden Mike Bournazian has been on the job since March 23rd, 2015. He brings 27 years of experience and counting, to the job.


Bournazian said residents may see a bit more smoke coming from the fire near the Springs Creek Ranch. At the commission meeting, he said most of the smoke which is in the area right now is smoke from the entire states in the pacific northwest. He said fires are burning from northern California all the way up the coast. He said Idaho and Montana also have large fires burning.

As a side note, Bournazian said it is the first time since 2006 troops have been called in to help fight these large fires.