Deer Count Increases Slightly in Green River

Deer Count Increases Slightly in Green River

GREEN RIVER — The deer population within the Green River city limits has increased by 15 deer when compared to last year, according to a recent count.

The 2023 count concluded that 105 deer are living within city limits. Green River Chief of Police Tom Jarvie said several officers from the Green River Police Department (GRPD), Game and Fish and volunteers did the visual count last Thursday morning, January 26. 

Crews surveyed eight different sections in Green River.  The graph below shows the number of deer counted in each section of the City, and includes the last seven years when the count began.

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The average over the past seven years is 88 deer. 

Chief Jarvie said vehicle crashes resulting from deer remain fairly low with only five such crashes reported to the GRPD during 2022. 

Jarvie reminds residents that it is against City Ordinance to feed deer.  He says citation’s have been issued this past year.

According to Jarvie, the city tries to be consistent in the timing of the year, and time of day when they do counts, but weather and the deer themselves can be variables. 

The Green River Public Works division is responsible for removing dead deer from the city, and reports 30 carcasses were disposed of in 2022. 

A map of the eight different sections crews surveyed can be viewed below.