Eastside Elementary Prepares for the Real World with WyoTowne


ROCK SPRINGS– On February 13, members of the community went to Eastside Elementary to help prepare several 5th grade classes for WyoTowne.

WyoTowne is a hands-on educational program where students have the opportunity to run their own life-like town, or Towne.

Students worked through several lessons in which they applied and interviewed for jobs, elected government officials, and learned about finances.

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The following community members came for the WyoTowne interviews:

  • Teresa Shafe- WWCC
  • Tyson Tucker- Rocky Mountain Power
  • Scott Harrel- Genesis Alkali
  • Sue Lozier- Rock Springs Chamber
  • Cody Pierpoint- Cody Pierpoint – State Farm Insurance
  • Jim Chrisawn- United Methodist Church
  • Carol Jelaco- SWCSD #1 Board Member
  • Matthew Jackman- SWCSD #1 Board Member

In preparation of the experience, students were asked questions about how they planned to use their WyoTowne bank account, why it’s important to budget, how they’ll decide who they will vote for in the WyoTowne election, what careers interest them, and whether they would ever want to have their own business.

After the Towne experience, students evaluated the success of their day. Each group received a bank statement which indicated whether their shop ended with a profit. Students also evaluated their personal spending habits and choice made in WyoTowne.