Erramouspe Joins St. Ambrose Tennis

Erramouspe Joins St. Ambrose Tennis

ROCK SPRINGS — Playing collegiate tennis wasn’t on Abbie Erramouspe’s mind when she was weighing her options for post-graduation life. In fact, tennis wasn’t even on her mind until her junior year at Rock Springs High School (RSHS).

Hard work and a love for the sport over the last two years led her to an opportunity with St. Ambrose University (SAU). Erramouspe and her family celebrated her signing with the Fighting Bees on Tuesday afternoon.

Not only is she looking forward to playing tennis at the next level, but she will be one of two Erramouspe’s attending SAU. She will link up with her brother Anthony Erramouspe who currently swims at SAU and is concluding his sophomore year.

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Originally Erramouspe said she was planning on attending the University of Wyoming and focusing on her academics. However, after deciding to apply to SAU to see what happened, her plans changed. After getting her application accepted, she went on a visit to the school and talked to the tennis coach. From there, the choice was a simple one to make.

Erramouspe is one of the first RSHS tennis players to sign with a college in a long time, which is something she’s proud of.

“I think the two years I played I developed a lot and I’m excited to keep on improving and see how far I can get with it,” Erramouspe said.

Her favorite memory with her high school team was going to state her junior year. She played doubles at the state tournament that year and will never forget the fun she had.

“I just loved my teammate and everyone and the games we played we had a lot of fun,” Erramouspe said.

In her senior year, Erramouspe moved up to play singles. She admitted that she likes to play singles because it’s completely up to her to hit every ball that comes her way.

While it’s unclear what her role will be on the Fighting Bees tennis team, it’s crystal clear that she’s eager to get to work and improve her game.

Erramouspe said that she will be studying to become an Occupational Therapist.