Events Complex Ponds Stocked by Game and Fish

Events Complex Ponds Stocked by Game and Fish

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ROCK SPRINGS – The fishponds at the Sweetwater Events Complex were recently stocked by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Approximately 200 18-20-inch channel catfish have been introduced into the Boar’s Tusk and Cabin Ponds, enhancing the fishing experience for visitors of all ages. Additionally, each pond has been stocked with catchable rainbow trout, averaging 8.5 inches in length, ensuring a diverse and plentiful population of fish for anglers to enjoy. The ponds also contain blue gill, adding to the variety of species available for catching.

In a collaborative effort between the Sweetwater Events Complex and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Boar’s Tusk Pond has received 500 trout, while the Cabin Pond has been stocked with 250 trout, offering ample opportunities for fishing enthusiasts to test their skills and enjoy the serene surroundings.

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Anglers can look forward to a second stocking in mid to late May, further enhancing the fishing prospects at the ponds. Wyoming fishing regulations apply, ensuring the sustainability of the fish populations and the preservation of the natural environment.

Access to the Cabin Pond is located near main front parking lot and taking a short walk to the pond. The Boar’s Tusk Pond, nestled in the southeast portion of the property within the Boar’s Tusk Campground, can be accessed through the Grandstands Entrance.

Starting May 1, the gate to the lower part of the property will be open from 8 a.m. until dusk during the summer months, barring any conflicts with the event calendar of the Sweetwater Events Complex. This offers ample opportunity for families to enjoy a day of fishing and outdoor recreation without having to travel out of town.

“We’re delighted to partner with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to provide our visitors with an exceptional fishing experience,” Executive Director Kandi Pendleton said. “The stocked ponds offer a fantastic opportunity for families to connect with nature and create lasting memories together. We encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the abundance of fish waiting to be caught.”