Events Complex putting final touches on this year’s NHSFR; This year’s event only five weeks away

Events Complex putting final touches on this year’s NHSFR; This year’s event only five weeks away

SWEETWATER COUNTY – The Sweetwater County Events Complex staff is in the final home stretch as the excitement of the National High School Finals Rodeo kicks off July 12.

“We are in the final countdown,” Director Larry Lloyd said.

This year, the complex used a different golf cart vendor and Lloyd told the board that situation has been dealt with. Lloyd also explained they have been having regular meetings with law enforcement and the weather people to make sure everything is in place.

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New Event

This year, the event will add a new event, the working cow horse event. The event is also known as the reined cow horse. In the event, the participant guides a cow through an arena using specific maneuvers and turning it in a specified manner.

The complex looked at several different options on where to have the event and it was decided to have the event in the practice arena, across the street from the complex on Yellowstone Drive. Maintenance Director Drew Dunn said they have added a couple extra panels to the arena and are putting new siding on the announcer stand. Dunn also said they are looking at touching it up with some paint as well.

Lloyd said the thing they are looking at now is how to get people back and forth across Yellowstone as safe as possible.

The board asked about seating and if there would be vendors at the arena for the event. Director of Marketing and Events Kandi Pendleton said they will be putting portable bleachers which will seat about 500 people. As for the vendors, Pendleton said it has been discussed but no decision has been made.

The complex is waiting to get a better final number of participants in the new event before they decide how many performances it will take. The complex also wanted to get a better number before they decided on putting vendors at the site. She said if they see a need for vendors they could ask someone like Taco Time or another mobile vendor if they would be interested in coming out. Taco Time will have its mobile cart at the shooting events this year and Pendleton said they have expressed an interest in doing it.

Another issue which will be solved once they get a better idea of the performers for the event is the public use of the practice arena. Lloyd said it is important to continue to provide time for the public to use the small arena. Board member Roger Torgersen said the folks who have spoken with him have asked about public use and have requested the time available to the public be posted in a timely manner.

The complex said once they finalize the schedule, public times available will be posted at the arena, on the digital sign, on the complex’s Facebook page and website. Lloyd said they will also have the times posted in enough time the public can make plans to use the area.


Shooting events

One event which has continued to grow over the past few years in the shooting events. They take place at the Trap Club and the Sweetwater County Shooting Range. Lloyd said Green River has done a wonderful job helping with the shooting events and will be helping again this year.

The complex said the city of Green River will again put up signs to help guide participants and viewers to the event.



There are still a few volunteer spots available for people interested in helping at this year’s event. Pendleton said slots are filling up. Lloyd said it is because of the volunteers that the National High School Finals Rodeo has been as successful as it has been the past few years.

Those interested can sign up on the Sweetwater Events Complex website or call the complex for more information.