Farson-Eden High School Announces Graduation Plans

Farson-Eden High School Announces Graduation Plans

FARSON — Graduation plans for the Farson-Eden High School Class of 2020 will look different than previous years.

With statewide public-health orders focused on avoiding large gatherings, a traditional graduation ceremony is no longer an option.

Principal Barbara Rezzonico outlined a few changes to the graduation ceremony that this year’s graduating class will have the opportunity to participate in.

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Individual Graduation:

Individual graduation appointment times will be provided to each senior. These appointments will be staggered to allow proper physical distancing and time for each family to build memories. Appointments will start at 12:30 on Wednesday May 20 and end at 3:30 that same day.

At this time students will get pictures taken, present flowers to family, walk across the stage, and receive diplomas.

Community Graduation Parade:

Seniors and their families return to FEHS for its graduation procession that evening at 5:15 pm, with the parade beginning at 6 pm.

Students can wear their caps and gowns, decorate their car or trailer for their senior parade as the community celebrates these incredible graduates. We want our families and town to line the procession route to celebrate, congratulate, honk, wave signs and cheer loudly for the class of 2020!

Pre-recorded Graduation Program:

The pre-recorded program will be aired for all to enjoy on the District You-Tube channel and the Farson Eden Facebook page, for sharing with friends and family, on Friday, May 22.

This will be a final presentation of our graduation events including principal, valedictorian and salutatorian speeches; senior slide show, parent letters, recognitions, presentations of the diplomas, and pictures of the parade.

“We know this is not easy news, but it is up to all of us to make this as memorable and special for the class of 2020. Let’s give them experiences that will be unique to them that they will remember forever and rally our parents and community. We are all role models and the students follow how we react,” Rezzonico said. “Together, if we remain excited and plan amazing things, they will get excited. They will remember the heartbreak, but they will remember all the unique and great celebrations and new experiences that happened just for them!”