Farson-Eden High School Graduates 17 Seniors

Farson-Eden High School Graduates 17 Seniors

FEHS graduate, Kaytlyn Keeler shakes SWCSD #1 board members' hands after receiving her high school diploma.

FARSON-EDEN– The Farson-Eden High School 2019 Commencement took place Thursday night, in which 17 seniors earned their high school diplomas.

To kick off the commencement, graduate Kaycee Neilson gave a solo vocal performance as her gift to her fellow classmates.

Graduate Kaytlyn Keeler gave the Salutatorian Address, in which she talked about memories with her classmates.

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“In middle school, we had the reputation of being a class that was very enthusiastic, loved to have fun, and simply did things differently. By the time we hit high school, we hadn’t changed a whole lot except our natural abilities began to surface more and more,” Keeler said.

“Mrs. Anderson explained that we perfectly represented the multiple intelligence spectrum, with athletes, artists, mathematicians, introverts, and extroverts all in one naturally gifted class,” Keeler continued.

Shad Sellers gives his Valedictorian speech.

Valedictorian Shad Sellers gave the Valedictorian Address, in which he told stories, looked back at some memories of the Class of 2019, and gave his fellow graduates advice for what not to do in the future. He also spoke about how the FEHS Class of 2019 never gives up.

“We are a persistent class, who works hard to achieve our goals,” Sellers said. He told his classmates to continue working hard and always give it their best.

English teacher, Whitney Sorensen, gave the Key Note Address, in which she spoke directly to each graduate and told them what makes them special. She gathered comments from the seniors’ loved ones about why they are appreciated, and also gave them advice.

Sorensen also told each student what she learned from them.

After the Key Note Address, the audience and seniors watched the Class Slide Show, as per tradition. The Class of 2019 then handed out flowers to family, friends, coaches, teachers, and other loved ones in the audience to show their appreciation for helping them get to their graduation.

The commencement ended with the presentation of scholarships, and finally the presentation of diplomas.

The Farson-Eden High School Class of 2019 is:

Cortland James Barker, Autumn Renae Draycott, Clancy Wayne Gines, Julie Ann Goodwin, Michael Xavier Gribowskas, Hagan Aaron Jones, Kaytlyn Elsie Keeler, Miguel Arturo Loredo, Jesse Violet Madsen, Lain Isaac Mitchelson, Kaycee Don Neilson, Megan Elizabeth Owen, Shad Roden Sellers, Cody Gene Sloan, Maizee Bean Thoren, Zoe Kristine Timmons, and Samantha Raechell Griffin.

Check out all the photos of the Class of 2019 during their big night below.