Governor Mead Continues Funding for Veteran Tuition Program

Governor Mead Continues Funding for Veteran Tuition Program

CHEYENNE – Governor Mead said on Wednesday that he would continue funding for a state program providing tuition assistance for veterans, surviving spouses and dependents.

In the fall of 2015 the program administered by the Wyoming Community College Commission provided assistance to 162 veterans at the state’s seven community colleges and the University of Wyoming. Governor Mead’s action will assure that program funding will be available through the 2016 fall semester.

“This program is important to our veterans and their families – many rely on it as they pursue their degree,” said Governor Mead. “Declining revenues make the state budget difficult to predict. Veterans, colleges and the University will now have time to transition to a program that leverages existing federal assistance and looks at state priorities. ”

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The Governor does not rule out the possibility that the program could receive state funds in the years ahead depending on the results of the review.