Granger Students Tour Sweetwater County Museum

Granger Students Tour Sweetwater County Museum

With their tour completed, the students took time for a photograph with the museum’s sculpture of John Wesley Powell, the explorer of the Green River, Colorado River, and the Grand Canyon. From left to right, museum volunteer Emilio Sanchez, Robbie Nygaard, Arianna Soto, Luna Leys, Devynn Soto, their teacher, Kimberly Nygaard, and the museum’s Public Engagement Coordinator, Aidan Brady.

GREEN RIVER — Students from the Granger School got a special guided tour of the Sweetwater County Historical Museum on Wednesday.

The tour included exhibits on prehistoric life in Sweetwater County, Native Americans, the mountain men, frontier-era emigrants, ranching, mining, and the railroad.

Of particular interest to the group was Overland Stage Trail exhibit, as Granger is home to the Granger Station State Historic Site, a Wyoming state park dedicated to the Overland Trail and the Pony Express.

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