Green River City Council Members Take Oath of Office

Green River City Council Members Take Oath of Office

Mayor Pete Rust and Council Members Ronald Williams, Gary Killpack, and Mike Shutran took the Oath of Office Tuesday night. SweetwaterNOW photo

GREEN RIVER — The newly elected and re-elected Green River City Council members took the Oath of Office Tuesday night before the Council meeting started.

Mayor Pete Rust, and Council Members Gary Killpack and Mike Shutran took the oath as re-elected members, while Ronald Williams took the oath as a newly elected council member.

The Council also elected Council Member George Jost as Council President and Council Member Shutran as Council Vice President.

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Council Members Jost and Killpack were appointed to the Finance Committee for 2023. They will serve on this commission with Mayor Rust, City Administrator Reed Clevenger, and Director of Finance Chris Meats. The members will attend meetings during the budget sessions.

SweetwaterNOW photo

The Council approved a resolution officially establishing and designating ANB Bank, US Bank, N.A., Uinta Bank— Evanston Branch, State Bank, and Commerce Bank of Wyoming as the bank depositories for Green River for 2023.

Lastly, Mayor Rust proclaimed January as Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Christal Martin, Founder and Executive Director of Sweetwater Against Trafficking (SWAT)/Rising Hope, accepted the proclamation and spoke on the issue of human trafficking. She said SWAT encountered 10 different survivors and has been helping them get the services they need.