Green River Police Department Purchases In-Car Video Cameras

Green River Police Department Purchases In-Car Video Cameras

GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council unanimously approved a quote of $31,050 for the Green River Police Department to purchase in-car video cameras for six new patrol vehicles during Tuesday night’s meeting.

The new patrol vehicles will be received in the next several months, and each vehicle will have its own camera which are used for evidentiary recording purposes. Each camera costs $4,755, and with additional fees, the total cost is $31,050.

The purchase order for the cameras had already been approved with Motorola Solutions, Inc./WatchGuard Video prior to Tuesday’s meeting, however GRPD needed a signed agreement from the Council to complete the purchases.

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The cameras are being purchased using budgeted funds within the police department.

Additionally, GRPD has been chosen to participate in the 2022 Wyoming Highway Safety Selective Traffic Enforcement Grant Program, which is administered by the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

This program provides reimbursement of overtime funds to agencies that participate during special traffic enforcement periods that focus on decreasing DWUI’s and increasing vehicle occupancy safety. The grant pays for all overtime wages for officers who work during the grant period.

The Council unanimously approved the grant agreement. GRPD Police Chief Tom Jarvie said the police department has been part of this grant program many times over the past 15 years.