Green River Receives Grant to Plant Trees for Beautification

Green River Receives Grant to Plant Trees for Beautification

GREEN RIVER– The Green River Parks and Recreation Department received a grant from the Wyoming State Forestry in the amount of $4,500 with a city match of $1,735, which will allow the city to plant trees on the north side of East Teton Boulevard along the municipal horse corrals.

The Green River City Council unanimously approved to accept the funds on April 7 during their city council meeting. The council initially approved the city to apply for the grant in February.

Forty trees in total will be planted. The grant covers 28 trees: 9 six-foot Colorado Blue Spruce, 10 two-inch caliper Accolade elm, and 9 two-inch caliper Espresso Kentucky Coffee trees. The trees will be alternated along East Teton Boulevard.

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The grant will also cover the costs to install a two-inch meter pit, to give water access to the project, and to install an automatic irrigation system to water the trees.

The remaining 12 trees are to be purchased with a Wyoming Game and Fish grant the city has already received. Those 12 trees will be planted along the Green Belt between animal control and the horse corrals where the future dog park will be located.

This map shows where the city will plant the trees.

The purpose of the project is to create a tree canopy to provide more attractive grounds along East Teton Boulevard. The trees would act as a screen and provide shade between the road and the horse corrals, according to Brad Raney, Green River Parks and Recreation Director.

The trees would also create an additional barrier of safety for the future dog park and existing horse corrals, help with stabilization of the road bank, and assist with storm water mitigation in the area.