Green River to Refortify Riverbank at Riverside Memorial Park

Green River to Refortify Riverbank at Riverside Memorial Park

SweetwaterNOW photo

GREEN RIVER — The City of Green River has received a $250,000 grant from the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources to restore and fortify the riverbank along the Riverside Memorial Park next to the Green River. The grant also covers replacing the park’s playground equipment.

The Green River City Council accepted the grant funds during Tuesday’s council meeting.

The Council initially approved for Brad Raney, Green River Parks and Recreation Director, to apply for the grant in December 2019.

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The river has washed around the kayak structure in the riverbank, which has threatened the preservation of the park. By fortifying the riverbank, it will protect the park and preserve it for generations to come.

“When we enter this grant agreement, we are dedicating this park for outdoor recreation perpetually through the National Park Service,” Raney said. “From my perspective, that’s super exciting that we’re protecting the gateway to the Greenbelt for future generations.”

The river bank will be refortified to preserve the Riverside Memorial Park. SweetwaterNOW photo by Olivia Kennah

The total cost of the project is $250,000 and the grant requires a $125,000 match, which is being covered by an additional grant from a Land Water and Conservation Fund grant agreement with Wyoming State Parks. It is through this grant agreement that Riverside Memorial Park will be dedicated for public outdoor recreation in perpetuity.

Raney also recently applied for a grant to replace the walkways at Riverside Memorial Park, which have suffered severe cracking and deterioration.

However, fortifying the riverbank is of utmost importance in the city’s efforts to preserve the park.

“We need to do this to do anything else, we need to protect the park,” Raney said.