Joe Barbuto Announces Candidacy for House District 48

Joe Barbuto Announces Candidacy for House District 48

ROCK SPRINGS – Today, Joe Barbuto is pleased to announce his candidacy for the State Representative seat in House District 48.

Barbuto spoke about his campaign and why he believes residents should should put their support behind him this election.

After many months of thoughtful and careful consideration, I have decided to seek election to Wyoming House District 48.  I’m grateful for the enthusiastic support and encouragement I’ve received from across our state and people’s faith in my abilities as a public servant.

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We’re fortunate to live in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  My family has called this community home for many generations, and those same things that brought them here years ago – good paying jobs, wide-open spaces and friendly folks – keep me and my family here today.  I am concerned however that the quality of life we have come to appreciate and enjoy in Wyoming is being threatened by elected officials who seem more concerned with standing up for their political philosophy than for the people that they represent.  That sort of policy making may be common in Washington DC and other states, but shouldn’t be tolerated here.  We deserve better.  Reason and common sense should dictate how decisions are made – not party affiliation.

Over the next several months, I look forward to visiting with folks and sharing my ideas about smarter ways to invest state revenues and enhance communities, supporting a public education system that emphasizes student success, and standing up for and defending our constitutional rights, among many other topics.  As I go door to door, I’m also excited to hear questions and ideas from folks living in House District 48.

People depend on their elected representative to act with integrity, speak honestly, and work hard to get the job done, regardless of what obstacles may exist.  That’s what I plan on doing.  It’s time to put politics aside and put people first.