Joe Barbuto – D

Sweetwater County Treasurer (4-year term)
Joe Barbuto – D

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am the current Sweetwater County Treasurer, a position I’ve served in since July of 2021. A fifth-generation native of Sweetwater County, I have previously served in several volunteer roles, including as a member of community boards and assisting local non-profit organizations in their endeavors and initiatives. I also represented House District 48 in the Wyoming State Legislature for two terms.

Professionally, my background is in resource and leadership development, compliance, and non-profit work. Before being Sweetwater County Treasurer, I worked as a consultant for our local community college, completing regional needs assessments related to career and technical education for secondary and post-secondary institutions in Southwest Wyoming, and managed grant compliance while also identifying new revenue sources and writing grants. That professional experience, combined with my time spent serving in the state legislature, prepared me well for the responsibilities and duties of being Sweetwater County Treasurer and has been key to my success in the role.

My wife, Erin, is a manager for the Sweetwater County Head Start program. We’ve been married for nearly 13 years and have made our home in Rock Springs. Our hobbies include exploring the Red Desert, hiking, fishing, gardening, and spending time outdoors. Public lands are a big part of our life. I also play keyboards with the band WY5 and my trio, in addition to some solo appearances. Erin and I are active in our church and volunteer for local organizations and events. At home, we also have three rescue dogs and one ornery cat.

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We feel very fortunate to live in Sweetwater County and enjoy everything it has to offer, not the least of which is the great people who also call this place home.

What do you see as the most important issues in your candidacy and how will you address them?

The Sweetwater County Treasurer’s Office has a long history of providing quality service to taxpayers and our community. My priority has been ensuring we maintain that expectation while finding ways to improve services, increase efficiencies, and embrace new technology and platforms. It’s about building on success.

In addition to improving our online presence and adopting a more outward-facing approach to communication, our office is continually evaluating the technology and digital platforms to which we have access and ensuring that we’re using them to the full potential to improve processes for both taxpayers and our incredible staff. Doing this also allows us to explore other existing opportunities and whether they make sense for Sweetwater County. Technology is constantly changing, usually at a rapid pace, and we need to keep up with that pace.

One of the best parts of my job is the incredible people I work with in the treasurer’s office and throughout the county courthouse. They are the foundation of county government. Doing my part to ensure they have the tools, education, and resources they need to be successful in their work is essential to me as a leader and team member. The time I’ve spent with them, learning about their jobs, and hearing their input has been invaluable. I want them to feel fulfilled in their careers and always have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills. That’s something I’m dedicated to doing and facilitating.

Once more, I want to touch on the importance of communication. To serve the public well, it’s essential that I’m listening to what they have to say and keeping them informed about what’s happening in their county treasurer’s office. I’ve been working to accomplish that through media releases, improving our website interface, and utilizing social media. It’s an effort that will always be ongoing and regularly improved.

And, of course, I have an open door policy and invite folks to visit with me any time they have questions, comments, concerns, or ideas. It’s always a pleasure to help somebody work through an issue and arrive at a solution, something I’ve been able to do on several occasions.

How can voters contact you?

The best ways to engage with me and the campaign are by visiting and finding us on Facebook at There, you’ll find information about my background, what’s happening currently and accomplishments in the office, my thoughts about the future of the office, and contact information.

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