Joe Barbuto (D)

Joe Barbuto (D)

Sweetwater County Commissioner

Party: Democrat

Listen to our candidate interview below:

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I was born and raised in Sweetwater County, and except for my college years, have lived here my entire life.

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The majority of my professional background is in the non-profit sector where I have done everything from fundraising to grant administration to leadership development.

Previously, I served in the Wyoming State Legislature representing House District 48 which included most of Sweetwater County.

I’m married to Erin, the Community and Family Relationship Manager for Head Start and we live in Rock Springs with our two dogs and a cat. We enjoy spending time outdoors, either in our garden or enjoying fishing, hiking, camping, and hunting on public lands.

We also serve in the local Young Single Adults Branch of the LDS Church, myself as a counselor in the presidency and my wife as an activities specialist.

As often as possible, I also play keyboards in the local rock band WY5 and the jazz group Affirmation, in addition to a few solo gigs here and there. We stay busy, but that’s good.

What makes you the best choice for County Commissioner?

In all of my professional roles, I have been responsible for creating, implementing and maintaining a very specified and defined budget.

I’ve had to bring people with differing views and goals together to create positive change in our state and community. Navigating government processes and understanding complex situations is something at which I am very capable.

My combination of experience – in state government and the non-profit sector – give me the background and skills necessary to be productive, innovative and provide a fresh perspective to government in Sweetwater County.

What do you hope to accomplish in your first year as County Commissioner?

Within the first year of taking office, I would like to see the foundations of an economic plan, including a needs assessment, beginning to take shape. This would be the result of collaboration between municipal, county, and business leaders from across Sweetwater.

Additionally, I would like to see the implementation of workshops/forums held across the county to make more people aware of and bring in more discussion regarding important issues facing the county.

This would include the county budget and land management issues. Most folks aren’t able to make a Tuesday morning meeting in Green River. It will benefit the process to provide more voices in the conversation.

Finally, I’d like to see meetings of the Board of County Commissioners broadcasted live and archived on the internet.

How can voters get in touch with you?

Facebook: barbutoforcommission and comment on posts or send a message. People can Cell: (307) 389-3590

My door, both physical and digital, is always open.