Joseph L. Beauchamp (April 30, 1971-February 22, 2024)

Joseph L. Beauchamp (April 30, 1971-February 22, 2024)

Joseph L. Beauchamp (April 30, 1971-February 22, 2024)

Joseph L. Beauchamp was born April 30, 1971, in Kenosha, Wisconsin and died suddenly February 22, 2024, at the age of 52, after a short illness.

Joe’s family moved a bit when he was young so, he attended school in Texas, Arizona, California, and Wyoming. Joe was a hardworking man. He preformed a variety of jobs. He spent many years in the oil and gas industry also driving truck, however he did work some more interesting jobs. These included a wild west show, a dude ranch, a clown, and a short order cook.

Joe had many hobbies and interests over the years. As a young man, he loved a cold beer and a pretty girl but, as he got older he mostly just wanted to spend time with his family and his dogs. He enjoyed fishing and hunting, he played darts for years, and played a lot of golf. He loved to have a good time and laugh with friends and family.

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There are so many wonderful things to say about Joe. He was kind, almost soft hearted, he was generous almost to a fault. He was funny and had a huge heart. Joe was one of those people that are loved by babies and animals. Joe loved his family and friends and would do whatever he could for them. He was a good man.

Joe is survived by his wife, Theresa Beauchamp, 45, of Wyoming; his children AJ Beauchamp, 24, and Nichole Beauchamp, 23, both of Wyoming. Joe is also survived by a brother, Leo Beauchamp, 54, of Utah and his wife Vicky; their sons Kole Marquis of Wyoming and James Beauchamp of Tennessee; A sister, Deborah Willard Davis of Arkansas and her children. Joe also had a godson, Cam St. John of Wyoming. Joe also had a large extended family, aunts, uncles, and cousins too many to count, but he loved them all.

Joe is preceded in death by his paternal grandfather Leo Beauchamp and Millie Beauchamp, both of Wyoming; his father, Leo Beauchamp of Colorado and his mother, Goldia Fletcher of Arkansas. Also preceding him in death are both maternal grandparents.

“He was a good, hardworking man and a good father who did his best. He was very kind and I was very happy with my dad. I am devastated that he won’t be here for all my big, important events and milestones in my life but, I know he’ll be with me in spirit.” – Nichole Beauchamp

“He was a good dad. He made me laugh and I will always remember and miss him.” – AJ Beauchamp

Joe didn’t want a fuss so, we’re keeping things simple. There will be no viewing or church service. Cremation will take place in Utah where he was living. A memorial wake will be held April 27, 2024 at the Historic Train Depot in downtown Rock Springs beginning at 3 p.m. Please join us in celebrating Joe’s life.