Kids Enjoy CDC’s Career Day: Photos


Special moments from Career Day.

Today was the Child Development Center’s 3rd annual Career Day at the Sweetwater Events Complex, in which kids learned about various jobs and what these professions entail. Career Day is a fundraising event for the CDC.

Kids from around the community learned about everything from physical therapy, to teaching, to firefighting, to making pizzas.

Wyoming Wildlife

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Like our local wildlife biologists, this guy was inspecting animal pellets to learn about Wyoming wildlife habitats and to find out what the animals are eating.

Going on a Store Run

These kids explored the mini town and experienced what going grocery shopping is like. They picked out their items and then checked them out at the cash register.

Learning to be a Firefighter 

The firefighting station was a popular choice for the kids, as they were excited to learn about what being a firefighter entails. The future professionals loved learning about the fire truck and hose.

Making Pizzas

Kids enjoyed making their very own pizzas with the help of the Papa Murphy’s employees. They got to choose the toppings for their individual pizzas and put them together to take home for later.

Trucks and Heavy Equipment

This little man had fun playing with various toy trucks in a sand box to learn about heavy machinery, trucks, and construction.

 I Want to Be…

Kids, like this young girl, posed in front of a poster that read, “When I grow up I want to be…” while wearing costumes and holding signs that told their choice of career.

New Experiences

The kids had a blast experiencing so many different careers. They also got to play mini golf, eat snacks and baked goods, and play in bounce houses.