Local Collectors’ Exhibit Showcased at Western’s Natural History Museum

Local Collectors’ Exhibit Showcased at Western’s Natural History Museum

ROCK SPRINGS — Western Wyoming Community College’s Natural History Museum will display the John and Evelyn Bozner Exhibit through July 31, 2022. 

The exhibit contains countless arrowheads, scrapers, knives, chips, and tools all found in the hills and valleys of Sweetwater County. The Collection includes information about the Bozner Archeological Site, which was an archeological dig just south of Rock Springs at Dan’s Creek.  

There are rocks of all kinds including blue petrified wood found in the Blue Forest and hills of Eden and Farson Wyoming and Native American beads and trade beads found in the ant piles near the old Green River South Pass Stage Route.  

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The exhibit contains two bison sculls on display – one of which is over 10,000 years old. There are Mano and Metate (grinding and pounding) artifacts thatwere also found in Sweetwater County. The entire collection is the culmination of their findings on excursions spanning over 60 years. 

With the help of their granddaughter, Cindy Hafner and their son John Bozner Jr., their collection of artifacts was compiled to be displayed for everyone of all ages to enjoy and to learn about the history and treasures that Sweetwater County has to offer.  

“It has been such an absolute joy to put this exhibit together for my grandparents and to honor my grandparents. They loved exploring Sweetwater County and left wonderful artifacts for us to admire and learn from. My siblings and cousins all have many great memories of Rock Hunting with Grandma and Grandpa,” Cindy Hafner said. 

The exhibit is available for viewing whenever the campus is open. It is free and open to the public.  

To learn more about the John and Evelyn Bozner Exhibit, contact Cindy Hafner at chafner@westernwyoming.edu