MHSC Board Receives Update on Food Service Investigation

MHSC Board Receives Update on Food Service Investigation

ROCK SPRINGS – An investigation into missing money in the food service department at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County continues to move forward slowly.

At the request of MHSC Board Member Gene Carmody, the board has been getting regular updates on the investigation which started in 2014. At its regular board meeting on Wednesday, Chief Executive Officer Jerry Klein gave the board the latest.

Klein gave a report left by MHSC counsel George Lemich. According to the report, the Sweetwater County Attorney’s Office has finished its investigation and has turned the case over to a third-party agency.

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Lemich explained the agency, which now has the case, only has one investigator who handles the entire Rocky Mountain region. The MHSC case is next on the list, but Lemich reported the case before theirs is complicated and may take some time.

Lemich said they hope the agency will start looking at the MHSC case in the next two or three months.

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