More Than $10,000 Raised at Domestic Violence Awareness Event

More Than $10,000 Raised at Domestic Violence Awareness Event

Many gathered for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the StandForWhitt 5K walk and run Saturday. SweetwaterNOW photo by Dave Arambel

ROCK SPRINGS — The StandForWhitt Foundation hosted its first #StandForWhitt 5k walk and run and fundraising event on Saturday and it was deemed a huge success.

The event was hosted by the family of 29-year-old Whitney Sewell who died tragically in Rock Springs on December 16, 2019, from a gunshot wound as a result of homicide. Her husband, Hunter Sewell, 26, also died on December 16, 2019, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

After Whitney died, the family created a foundation to raise awareness about domestic violence and share Whitney’s story and to honor her memory.

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Nicole Halstead, Whitney’s mother, said they raised more than $10,000 and they are still waiting on a couple of groups to turn in money raised at the event. All of the money raised will go to the YWCA Crisis Center.

“It was a great way for all of the community to raise awareness and break the silence against domestic violence,” Halstead said. “It was so awesome to see Whitney’s face on all the shirts while we walked and told stories about her life and the success this event has been.”

Halstead said they had family and friends fly in for this event. They also had people in several other states that couldn’t come to Wyoming walking in their home towns to raise awareness in their communities.

“As a mother, this is so humbling to know people took time out of their day to walk with us and be with us in spirit,” Halstead said. “Whitney’s closest friend and family have been able to grieve in a positive way from such a horrible loss and her untimely death. We know that Whitney’s spirit and love were present with us and her energy help us to get through our 5K event.”

Halstead is already planning on hosting another event next year, which she hopes to make even bigger.

Next October, the foundation will host its second annual walk with even more fun and activities for the community, she said.

“Honoring Whitney and her memory will continue on for many years to come, with many different events and fundraisers,” Halstead said. “If we were able to help just one person this weekend, then we were successful in our mission.”

Halstead wanted to thank all the volunteers, donors, sponsors, participants, and the community for such a wonderful turnout and they look forward to next year’s 5K.