Mullen Fire 30 Percent Contained on Western and Southern Edge

Mullen Fire 30 Percent Contained on Western and Southern Edge

Mullen Fire by Zach Alexander

ALBANY COUNTY — The Mullen Fire was roughly 176,213 acres as of Monday at 11:35 pm. There is approximately 1,215 firefighters and support staff on scene and the fire is 30 percent contained.

The containment is on the western and southern edge up through Mountain Home area and a section northwest of Woods Landing.

Snowfall on the fire yesterday reduced fire activity and on the northern end slowed fire progression into the French Creek drainage. Larger fuels that only smoked in the morning began actively burning in the afternoon as fuels dried. Active fire developed around Albany and Fox Creek Road in the afternoon, but firefighters were able to keep it within established firelines. 

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Firefighters continue to work near Keystone, Rambler, Foxborough, and Fox Park. Structure protection remains in place.

Fireline has been established near the Middle Fork as a barrier to fire progression toward Centennial. As a precaution, structure protection in Centennial continues to be a priority. 

Fire breaks have also been improved south of Ryan Park and the community conducted a cleanup of brush to help firefighters protect structures if needed. Structure protection supplies have been pre-positioned in Ryan Park as a precaution.

In some interior parts of the forest, fire is burning into the deep duff organic layer, creating holes. This type of fire will require a lot of moisture to extinguish.

Colorado Hwy 127 has reopened from Hwy 125 to the Wyoming state line for local residents.  Residents along Hwy 127 can access their property but remain under a pre-evacuation order and need to be ready to evacuate quickly if conditions change. The power company is assessing this area to restore power. All other closures and evacuations remain.

There is a high wind warning for Wednesday, strong winds returning with a cold front passage. Light precipitation is possible.

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