Nationwide CenturyLink Problems Impacting Sweetwater Combined Communications Center

Sweetwater County Dispatch Center

SWEETWATER COUNTY — CenturyLink, the national cellphone service provider, is experiencing service problems across the country, and the Sweetwater Combined Communications Center in Green River is among those affected.

Sheriff Mike Lowell said the Communications Center, which dispatches for emergency services units throughout the county and serves as the county’s 911 call center and emergency services communications hub, began experiencing difficulties late Thursday morning.

“The Communications Center is working with CenturyLink to mitigate the situation,” Lowell said. “But 911 calls have been impacted. If you call 911 but experience difficulty getting through, hang up and call either 307-875-1400 or 307-362-6575.

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The story is being reported throughout the country, including a Newsweek feature article at down-outages-not-working- users-1272587.