Next Steps for the County Commission


SWEETWATER COUNTY– With the passing of Sweetwater County Commissioner Don Van Matre, the Board of Commissioners as well as the Sweetwater County Republican Central Committee have a responsibility to start looking for someone to fill the vacany.

According to John DeLeon, Deputy County Attorney, the position must be filled within 20 days of declaring a vacancy. The commissioners will declare a vacancy by the next meeting, which is on May 21. They chose not to declare at today’s meeting out of respect to Van Matre and his family, as well as to provide the Central Committee enough time to prepare for their search.

“My recommendation is that we do not declare that vacancy today. I think it would be best for Sweetwater County and the public to give the Central Committee as much time as possible in order to select those three candidates,” Johnson said.

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Starting May 21, after the vacancy is declared, the Central Committee will begin their search for possible candidates. The committee will present three candidates to the commissioners, and the commission will vote on which one will fill the position.

Remembering Commissioner Van Matre

The commissioners each took a moment to recognize Van Matre’s service to the county and remember his contributions. Chairman Johnson said he first worked with Van Matre on the Joint Powers Water Board many years ago.

“That’s when I realized what a gentleman that Don Van Matre was,” Johnson said.

Johnson went on to say that the commission made it a priority to take care of the veterans not only in Sweetwater County but across Southwest Wyoming.

“That came through Don,” Johnson said. “This commission, with Don’s leadership, decided we would take care of our veterans in all of Southwest Wyoming. He really did an outstanding job for veterans, and as you know, he was a veteran.”

Commissioner Wendling talked about having known Van Matre for many years. He said losing Van Matre is “a great loss to Sweetwater County.”

The commissioners extended their sympathy, support, and condolences to Van Matre’s family and loved ones during this time.

“I can’t say enough about how fortunate Sweetwater County was to have Don Van Matre,” Johnson said. “We will miss him.”