No New Growth on Mullen Fire

No New Growth on Mullen Fire

Mullen Fire photo taken in the Centennial Area on October 4, 2020. Photo courtesy of the Mullen Fire Information Facebook page

ALBANY COUNTY — The Mullen Fire was roughly 176,371 acres as of Wednesday at 6 pm and is 34 percent contained on the western, southern, and southeastern edge.

There are approximately 1147 firefighters and support staff on scene.

The surprise rain, snow showers, and blizzard-like conditions at higher elevations kept fire activity to a minimum on Wednesday. Despite strong winds yesterday, the fire showed no new growth.

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Much of the intense heat has gone out of the interior of the fire. The heat that remains is scattered. Firefighters will be working today to knock out this scattered heat especially in the Foxborough area. Retardant will be applied to the area north of Albany to cool hot spots and prevent forward growth of the fire.

Crews continue with suppression repair activities, including repairing dozer lines and fences and chipping brush piles.

The Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Team continues to perform rapid assessments of soil burn severity, debris flow potential, and damage to cultural and natural resources.

Fox Creek Road remains open to residents only from Hwy 11 to Hwy 230. Reopening additional roads depends on both fire activity and post-fire hazards which are being assessed in coordination with the county sheriff.

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