Pineda Kenpo Karate Announces Students of the Month

Kaylee Bernatis (left) and Bella Knox – Zanetti (right) were named as Pineda Kenpo Karate's Students of the Month.

ROCK SPRINGS– Pineda Kenpo Karate is excited to announce Kaylee Bernatis and Bella Knox – Zanetti as the Students of the Month.

Kaylee is looking forward to being a freshman at Rock Springs High School. Her parents are Terry and Daniel Bernatis.

“I hope others will learn how to defend themselves,” Kaylee said. “But they also need to learn when to walk away.”

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Bullying is still a problem at schools.

“There are more rude people out there and it’s just getting worse,” she pointed out. “We’re learning how to deal with them.”

Kaylee has learned many wonderful lessons from her instructor, Willie Pineda but the words that keep playing in her mind over and over are, “Never give up. Keep trying!”

Bella is preparing for the seventh grade.

“Since I’m so small, some people think they can push me around,” Bella started to explain. “My little brother started taking karate here so I thought it was a good idea to take karate too.”

Bella has had quite a few moments of inspiration as a student at Pineda’s Kenpo Karate.

“I’ve learned it’s important to say ‘thank you,’ be nice, and to defend myself,” she revealed.

Bella appreciates true friendship. “I like practicing karate with my friends, going to competitions with them and just spending time with them. We’re always there for each other.”

Bella’s parents are Jennifer Knox and Scott Zanetti.

Students learn respect, discipline, physical fitness and positive attitude, as well as stress relief and practical self-defense. For more information, contact Pineda’s Kenpo Karate, 307-382-6437.