Reagan Avenue developments on the agenda Tuesday


ROCK SPRINGS – The Rock Springs City Council will meet on Tuesday. Among the issues that will be discussed are items such as Reagan Avenue which continues to be a hot spot for development.

A new Kum & Go is not going to be the only new construction in the area. A subdivision on the North side of Reagan is also in the works.

The proposed Gun Sight Estates will be before the Rock Springs City Council on Tuesday. The Rock Springs Planning and Zoning Board voted to approve the new subdivision. A public hearing is scheduled at Rock Springs City Council, followed later in the agenda by a vote for approval.

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The new subdivision will consist of 111 new lots. It will be constructed in three phases with 40 lots in the first phase of the project. There is also a planned park with a detention pond.

The planned detention pond will help mitigate some of the expected water issues. The Rock Springs Engineering department said the detention pond must be complete before construction of the first phase can start. City Planner Jennifer Shields explained the pond is not only for Gun Sight Estates, but the new Kum & Go and the second phase of the Preserves are relying on this pond as well.

The park will not have restroom facilities, gazebos or any structure whatsoever. It will be similar to the Wetland Park next to Smiths but on a smaller scale. There were a lot of questions raised about a gas line which cuts through the property. The pipeline is at an angle which makes development difficult. The strip of land where the pipeline is will stay under Colorado Interstate Gas Company ownership. Shields said the upkeep of the property will be Colorado Interstate Gas Company’s responsibility.

More Subdivisions

The third and final reading for Sweetwater Station Subdivision is also slated for Tuesday. The Planning and Zoning Board received several complaints and concerns during the planning and zoning process. There have been no comments made to the Rock Springs City Council on the subject.

The estate was developed with the plan to allow horses. Owner Tom Spicer said there was not a development in the city limits which allowed horses.

No homeowners in the first phase of the project had horses, but during the second phase a prospective homeowner did ask about horses. As they looked at the subdivision covenants they realized the covenants went directly against city ordinance. This was not brought forward until after all the approvals had been made.


Also on the agenda are several job descriptions which will be voted on. Job descriptions include a Water Systems Operation 1, Water Systems Operation 2 and Water Systems Operation 3 as well as a Supervisor position. The engineering department is also requesting to fill a Water System Operation I position.

In the ordinance section  of the agenda are, amendments to the fire regulations, inspections and related ordinances which will go through first reading. The Public Service Department is also requesting to fill a vacant Fire Inspector position.