Congresswoman Liz Cheney: President Trump Incited the Mob

Congresswoman Liz Cheney: President Trump Incited the Mob

United States Congresswoman Liz Cheney Facebook photo

WASHINGTON D.C. — After United States President Donald Trump supporters swarmed the nations Capitol this afternoon, United States Congresswoman Liz Cheney tweeted that President Trump “lit the flame” for the mob.

Representative Cheney, R-Wyoming, took to Twitter tonight stating “There is no question that the President formed the mob, the President incited the mob, the President addressed the mob. He lit the flame.”

Cheney also sent out another Tweet stating “We will finish our Constitutional duty and count the electoral votes. This must never happen again. Our republic depends upon and is defined by the peaceful transfer of power. We will abide by our oath and ensure that happens.”

She also had an interview with NBC News where she said President Trump should have spoken out against such acts of violence sooner and that what happened today is unprecedented.

“We have very deep and clear political differences in this county, but we don’t resolve those differences by mob violence,” Cheney said.

“It’s been 245 years, and no president has ever failed to concede or agree to leave office after the Electoral College has voted, and I think what we are seeing today is the result of that, the result of convincing people that somehow Congress was going to overturn the results of this election, the results of suggesting that he wouldn’t leave office…” Cheney said in that interview.

You can watch the complete interview with Cheney from NBC News by clicking here.

Earlier today, Wyoming Senators Cynthia Lummis and John Barrasso and Governor Mark Gordon also spoke out against the violence that took place at the nation’s Capitol.