Rock Springs City Buildings to Close to the Public Starting March 23


ROCK SPRINGS– Rock Springs Mayor Tim Kaumo said in a press release today that the City buildings will be closed starting Monday, March 23 through at least April 6 in a goal to reduce risks of spreading COVID-19.

The release reads as follows:

In our goal to minimize the risks of spreading COVID-19 amongst our seniors, children, employees and their families, I have made the decision to close City buildings to the public beginning Monday, March 23 for 14 days until Monday, April 6, at which time a decision will be made to reopen or continue this closure for an extended period of time depending on the current status of our community and the most recent information available at that time.

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With this being said, employees will continue to come to work and continue with their necessary tasks that will allow City government to move forward and not come to a standstill.  I am working on a few new ideas to be implemented by the City through these couple of weeks which may be beneficial to all:

  1. Employees who are in need of the hours and wish to work will be asked to assist with the custodial duties of cleaning and sanitizing our facilities, especially within the recreation departments where high volumes of people visit.  This will also be done in every office and City building.
  2. I will compile a list of names of employees who can assist with being “runners” to pick up groceries and/or other items for senior citizens and/or individuals in our housing units who cannot drive or should not be out amongst the general public due to age or a compromised immunity system or disability.  This could also include running to a mail drop or delivering a payment for a utility bill if needed.  I will ask, through our webpage and social media as well as the Chamber of Commerce that these individuals in need contact our local Chamber of Commerce and/or Housing Office to be put on a list for these services and intend to complete these tasks from 8am to 2pm daily as we can and as we have requests and the available people to get this done. 

As of Monday morning, March 23rd doors will be locked to the public and information posted on how anyone needing an appointment can call to do so. The notice will state that the building/facility is closed to the public as a precaution to minimize the spread of COVID-19 at least until April 6th at which time a decision will be made to open or extend the closure. 

The City of Rock  Springs takes this very seriously and we will come together as one community and help one another. The City will take the lead in this and do our part. I’m confident that we will persevere and be stronger for the decisions we have made and our ability to rise above it.

This decision comes with a heavy heart but with the goal of protecting our entire community and doing our best to help those in need during this time while also providing hours to employees who would normally be furloughed.  I see no option and we must do our part to take care of the health of our citizens and minimize the strain on our medical staff and facilities. 

Best regards and let’s get through this together in a respectable and civilized manner.