Rock Springs Mayor Tim Kaumo Will Not Seek Another Term

Rock Springs Mayor Tim Kaumo Will Not Seek Another Term

City of Rock Springs Website photo of Mayor Tim Kaumo

ROCK SPRINGS — Rock Springs Mayor Tim Kaumo announced he will not be seeking a fourth term in office.

“It’s that time in which candidates are announcing their intentions. I feel I should inform you of my intentions so people can move forward in their lives. It’s with mixed feelings that I’ve made a decision not to seek a fourth term as your mayor,” Mayor Kaumo said during Tuesday night’s Rock Springs City Council meeting.

Mayor Kaumo said he had already informed the City of Rock Springs department heads of his decision last week.

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“I’m 99.9 percent sure I won’t seek re-election,” Mayor Kaumo said.

Kaumo said the city has been through turbulent waters over the last four years including facing declining revenues, going through the COVID-19 pandemic, and most recently facing a huge increase in inflation.

“I’m proud to say that through all of this we have weathered the storm and we’ve kept the ship afloat as best we possibly can,” he said.

Kaumo has served 12 years as the Rock Springs Mayor. He thanked the city employees for all of their hard work in keeping things going with less people and declining budgets, and he encouraged them to keep persevering.

“I’m honored to have had the opportunity to be at the helm through these turbulent times side by side with some of the greatest department heads I’ve had the chance to work with,” Mayor Kaumo said. “I thank the City Council for their help through these unfortunate times. They share the struggles and I appreciate the support they have also given to our employees.”

Mayor Kaumo also thanked his family for putting up for all of the hours he spent away from them to hold this office and for the added stress it put on the family by him being involved in politics.

“I have enjoyed serving this city, but it’s time for new adventures,” Mayor Kaumo said.