Rocky Mountain Power and UW Hosts Local Industry to Learn About Efficiency

Rocky Mountain Power and UW Hosts Local Industry to Learn About Efficiency

For the past several years, RMP has partnered with the University of Wyoming and Western Wyoming Community College to help local industry look at ways to save money and become more energy efficient.

RMP Community Account Manager Ron Wild explained that experts come from the University of Wyoming to speak to local industry about efficiency. He said by becoming more cost efficient, it not only saves industry money but then those cost savings are handed down to the consumer.

On thing the seminar focuses on the the difference between real and reactive power. Wild looked at it like a glass a beer. He said think of a glass of beer that is filled to the brim but half is foam.

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“That (the foam) is reactive power,” he said.

Wild continued saying the goal of the seminar is to fill the glass while minimizing the foam.

Bret Carlson, Senior Project Manager for RMP, said they are not only learning the best way to get more from power produced but are also keeping up with technology to be more environmentally efficient such as reducing emissions.

Things such as using bigger diameter sizes in pipelines have helped. Another focus of the seminar was LED lighting. Carlson said advances such as LED lighting provide a long lamp life while also providing a significant cost savings.

The seminars take place annually in both Rock Springs and Casper. For more information about programs or energy efficient programs from Rocky Mountain Power click here.