RS City Council to Consider Approval of Preliminary Plat for New 119 Lot Subdivision

RS City Council to Consider Approval of Preliminary Plat for New 119 Lot Subdivision

ROCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs City Council will hold a public hearing, followed by a vote, regarding a preliminary plat for the proposed Mustang Ridge Properties Subdivision during its Tuesday night meeting.

The proposed subdivision would be located on a 36.12 acre tract of land located in the Section 21, Township 19 North, Range 105 West of the sixth principal meridian in Rock Springs. 

The application was filed by DeBernardi Construction. The subdivision is a new two-phase, 119 lot, single family residential subdivision. 

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The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the subdivision for approval at its May 10 meeting. 

Other Business

The City Council will also consider the retiring of Rock Springs Police Department K9 Fenrir and the sale of Fenrir to his handler.

Handler Amanda Buller would like to purchase Fenrir so he can live out his retirement in her care. A letter from Chief Bill Erspamer to the Council states that Fenrir has been active as a K9 for seven years. 

“This has started taking a toll on his body. Over the last few training sessions he has aggravated his dew claw joint multiple times requiring veterinarian assistance,” the letter states. 

Recent x-rays have determined that Fenrir’s dew claw was dislocated and his joints are full of arthritis. 

Additionally, his hips and rear legs are starting to stiffen and show signs of hip dysplasia, which the letter states is common for his breed. Fenrir also has multiple fractured teeth exposing the sensitive portion under the enamel, which was caused by apprehension and biting his cage in the patrol vehicle, the letter says. 

“Due to these medical concerns and the ongoing veterinarian expense, I think it would be in the department’s best interest to retire K9 Fen and allow him to be sold to his handler,” the letter says. 

Buller would take on all costs and expenses. Additionally, Fenrir would not be used in a manner for Buller’s profit or gain including but not limited to using him for duty, or tracking or detection of controlled substance. 

The sale of Fenrir will be for $1. 

The Rock Springs City Council will also consider accepting and approving two Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund grants during its meeting Tuesday. 

The first grant is a total of $25,000  for the Rock Springs Chinese Massacre of 1885 memorial sculpture project. The second grant is in the amount $7,899 for the Broadway Theater Lighting Update Project.

The Council will meet Tuesday, June 6, at 7 p.m. at Rock Springs City Hall. To view the full meeting agenda and packet, click here.