RS Recreation Board Recommends Allowing Dogs in More Parks

RS Recreation Board Recommends Allowing Dogs in More Parks

ROCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs Parks and Recreation Board is asking city officials to consider opening more city parks for residents to walk their leashed dogs.

“After having many discussions and visiting with city staff, we felt that allowing dogs on leashes in other city parks would be a benefit,” Parks and Recreation Board President Bill Legerski said in a letter to the City.

In another letter, Director of Parks and Recreation David Lansang stated “our criteria for allowing dogs came down to whether or not the location was utilized for youth sports in any way and whether or not the location had a water amenity.”

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Lansang said that any change to current ordinances would add costs to the city including the need to revamp city park rule signs and installing dog waste stations and supplies for each additional location. The goal is to have this ready for the 2023 season should the Council approve of the board recommendation.

The following is a list of parks the board recommends allowing leashed dogs. To see both of the letters in their entirety, click here.

Other Business

The Council will listen to a presentation from Monte Burton of Halcyon Energy, Inc., on the Green Lithium Project.

Council will review a $20,000 grant agreement between the Rock Springs Animal Control, Best Friends Animal Society, and the City of Rock Springs for training and coaching services.

Council will look at accepting $8,622 in grant funds from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance Program for the FY 2022 Bulletproof Vest Partnership.

For the complete agenda, click here. The Council is scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, October 4, at City Hall.