RSHS Health Academy set to teach public about healthy choices on April 27 at Tiger Gymnasium

RSHS Health Academy set to teach public about healthy choices on April 27 at Tiger Gymnasium

ROCK SPRINGS – Staying healthy and living a more healthy lifestyle continues to be a focus for many people. Students of the Rock Springs High School Health Academy will switch places for a night as they will be teaching the community at its annual health fair.

The academy will focus on many different subjects with one goal in mind, promoting a healthy lifestyle for both children and adults alike. Recently, SweetwaterNOW visited the academy to get a look at the preparations for the upcoming event.

Students broke into groups and focused on one subject which they will bring light to. Subjects include smoking, body image and eating healthy just to name a few. The group researched the subject, pulled out some of the most interesting and most important facts and developed a way to present it which is fun for everyone.

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While most of the students broke into smaller groups and will have the different educational booths set up, one committee, the organization group, was tasked with overseeing the entire process. Two of the students, Hayden Searle and Stevie Hill said the event will be on April 27 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Tiger Gymnasium.

It is free and is for everyone from young to old. Hill said the students of the health academy will be demonstrating and providing information on living a healthy lifestyle. Both Hill and Searle explained while some of the education will be focused for adults, they will also have several fun snacks, games and demonstrations to get the younger residents of Rock Springs involved.


Groups and Subjects

The group of Brittany Atkinson, Sean Davidson and Kaley Martinez will be focusing on body image. This subject has been a focus in the media for several years with the constant discussion of healthy and unhealthy body images in the media. The group has developed an iMovie and will focus on several different aspects. They will also have a mirror which will distorted body images. Sean said it can give people of visual of exactly what they would look like if they had an eating disorder such as anorexia. Be looking for fun with scooters as well.

There are several booths planned which look at food, both the positives and the negatives. Haley Steele said her group of Demetrius Davenport and Sydnye Spicer are showing residents about healthy food and will have several healthy snacks. They will also have healthy recipes and will show those who visit the booth why it is important to chose a healthy diet.

Grace Shields Marcos Chavez and Elisabeth George will be teaching folks about blood pressure and cholesterol. They will educate the public on blood pressure and cholesterol levels while also showing proper diet ideas and healthier snacks to help these levels.

Obesity is another subject which was tackled by Dylan Lightner, Lyndzie Kroupa and Baylee Lapp. Not only will they be looking at prevention and exercise, the also will have a few different snacks for the young ones to sample. One of the neatest things they will have is a hula hoop contest for the kids to see who can last the longest.

Colton Gatti, Autumn Jackson and Makenzie Kroupa will be center stage teaching the importance of an active lifestyle. Those visiting this booth will get to watch and iMovie created by the students about being active. They will show how enjoyable biking, swimming and exercising can be but will also focus on how important it is.

Breanna Emden explained how her group will be educating the public about how to eat fast food healthy and also the effects of too much fast food. They will do this by using a cardboard cutout of the human body to explain the different affects and games with the youngsters. Another group made up of Cassee Willson, Perla Ramos, Ashley Willoughby and Lexie Hautala are also looking at a healthy diet and specifically dieting and the dangers of fad diets.

In the same light, another will focus on a different aspect of eating. Keily Gomez, Kailyne Dickinson, Morgan Weskamp will be showing residents the importance of portion control. There will be games at their booth and keep you eye out for a little basketball.

Gretchen Baldwin, Keegan Rembacz and Aubrey Ice will focus on the dangers of smoking and smoking prevention. They will educate the public on how it affects breathing and the build up in the lungs. They will have demonstrations to show the difference in breathing when you smoke and when you do not.

Finally, Hannah Hampton said her group’s booth will focus on stress management. They will be showing meditation techniques, will have yoga and different music.