SCSD No. 1 Board Approves Salary for New Superintendent Listing

SCSD No. 1 Board Approves Salary for New Superintendent Listing

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ROCK SPRINGS — Sweetwater County School District No. 1 board of trustees approved a starting salary for the new superintendent position Monday night. The district posted the vacancy today.

At the end of October, current superintendent Kelly McGovern announced she will be retiring July 1, 2024. She has served in the position for 10 years, and has worked for the district since 1991. The SCSD No. 1 board of trustees are now preparing to hire a new superintendent, and to post the vacancy to start receiving applications, they needed to decide on a salary.

Ultimately, the board unanimously approved for the salary to be listed at no less than $170,000. This is a starting salary with the understanding that negotiations, as well as benefits, will more than likely raise the salary.

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Chairman Carol Jelaco said that funding model set by the state suggests a salary of about $136,000. However, she noted that the funding model hasn’t been adjusted for the current economy in over 10 years. Jelaco said that with inflation, the adjusted salary recommended by the funding model would be around $170,000.

“They haven’t kept up with inflation,” she said.

The board also pointed out that districts in Laramie and Cheyenne are also looking for new superintendents, so there will be competition for good candidates within the state. Trustee Cole Wright said that he supported the $170,000 salary as to be competitive with the other bigger districts in Wyoming.

“We want to attract the best,” Wright said.

According to the board’s timeline, they plan to settle on a new superintendent and offer a contract in March 2024.