Several SCSD No. 2 Employees Take Voluntary Retirement Plan

Several SCSD No. 2 Employees Take Voluntary Retirement Plan

GREEN RIVER — Sweetwater County School District (SCSD) No. 2 announced a Voluntary Reduction Incentive Plan (VRIP) in December, in which they offered eligible employees a buyout to retire from the district.

Out of 83 eligible employees in the district, about 17 took the incentive. Eligible employees were offered the following as incentive:

  • Certified professional staff were offered $42,000.
  • 12-month support staff were offered $22,000.
  • 10-month support staff were offered $18,300.
  • 9-month support staff were offered $16,500.
  • Supervisors were offered $52,000.
  • Administrators were offered $62,000.

SCSD No. 2 Business Manger Chris Dean has previously reported that about 81.6 percent of the district’s budget goes to personnel costs. With a decrease in enrollment equaling a shortfall of about $865,000, or 2.2 percent, of the district’s guarantee, the district is forced to make big budget cuts. This incentive aimed to help out with balancing the budget without having to make reduction-in-force layoffs.

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It is costing the District $641,000 to provide the incentives to the participating employees, according to Jason Fuss, Human Resource Director and Assistant Superintendent. Fuss said that it will save the district $1 million.

The following employees took the buyout:

Certified Retirements

  • Owen Krysl- 6th grade teacher at Lincoln Middle School
  • Lori Hastert- 6th grade teacher at Lincoln Middle School
  • John Lee- 6th grade teacher at Lincoln Middle School
  • Sara Crow- kindergarten teacher at Truman Elementary
  • Patricia Louderback- instructional facilitator at Truman Elementary
  • Ranae Evans- 1st grade teacher at Truman Elementary
  • Mary Rath- music teacher at Harrison Elementary
  • Tamara Noble- special education teacher at Harrison Elementary
  • Cathy Hemker- instructional facilitator at Monroe Elementary
  • Alesia Robison- counselor at Monroe Elementary

Support Retirement

  • Karen Munoz- ELL paraprofessional at Monroe Elementary
  • Kathleen Huber- SPED administrative assistant
  • Darlene Munoz- custodian
  • Janet Celli- payroll lead
  • Bonnie Nielson- accounts payable
  • Lavonne Wadsworth- bus driver
  • Sandra Lee- bus driver