Share a Special Night with Local Band ZamTrip as They Unveil New Album Friday at American Legion in Green River

Share a Special Night with Local Band ZamTrip as They Unveil New Album Friday at American Legion in Green River

Share a Special Night with Local Band ZamTrip as They Unveil New Album Friday at American Legion in Green RiverROCK SPRINGS – From playing at the Rock Springs Library to sharing the stage with musicians like Halestorm and Lita Ford, the community has watched local band ZamTrip grow. The band is preparing for two major milestones in its career.

In May of 2013, the band started writing songs for a new album. On Friday, ZamTrip will share this with the local fans as they will host a record release party at the American Legion in Green River.

A new studio and a new producer has the band excited about the sound of the new album. The band recorded this album at Hit Track Recording Studio in Cedar City, Utah. Instead of recording all at once, each member of the band laid down separate tracks. It all started with Cory Zampedri laying down the drum tracks followed by Cody Zampedri’s bass parts. Cory explained they really focused on making a bigger drum sound. He said as he listened to the new tracks, the drum sound reminded him of late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham.

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For Cody, he said the process was a little weird as he recorded in a separate room with just the drum tracks playing. He said they really worked to develop a heavier bass sound this time around.

For Kyle Zampedri, he recorded the guitar parts in 10 hours instead of the day and a half it took on the first record. For him, he said he really focused on playing more like the band does live, especially with the solos. He said he never plays the same solo twice and wanted to make sure each solo was its own.

For singer Samantha Newman the experience was a learning experience as this was really her first time recording with the band at this level. Not only did Sam cut the lead vocals, she also recorded many of the backing harmony parts as well.

Like Kyle, Sam said she is really proud of the new album and feels it captures what ZamTrip sounds like live. The band recorded 80 hours of music in approximately seven days.

Of course you need songs, and for ZamTrip they are always writing new songs and riffs. While this album features fan favorites Back Seat Long Song and All Your Days Have Ended, Cody explained the song King’s Game was a song which was actually recorded for the first record but the band decided to save it. For the most part, the writing process for this album is really stretched over a two to three year period. One thing Cody and Samantha both noted was that the songs on this record were written more to fit her voice.

With the changes in recording and the focus on a darker, heavier sound, the feel of this record fits more in the hard rock genre according to Cory.

The record release party starts at 8 p.m. at the American Legion in Green River. The event is for all ages and there is no cover charge. There will be a bar for the fans over 21. Several local bands have really focused on playing shows for all ages instead of just the over 21 crowd. Sam said they have such a wide fan base, performing all-age shows gives all their fans a chance to see them play live and share in the ZamTrip experience.

Not only can fans get the new album and other merchandise, the band will also be playing some of their favorites. Sam said it will be a lot of fun because they have several surprise guests and other local musicians who will share the stage on Friday.

The new record is not the only thing the band is getting ready for as they will be part of the biggest concert event of the band’s career. In eight days, ZamTrip will share the same stage as Linkin Park, Rob Zombie, Weezer and many others as they will head to Grand Junction, Colo., for the three day Loudwire Music Festival.

It was quite a surprise to the band to be picked to play.

Kyle found out about the festival and sent in the band’s bio, music and website. He said five months passed without hearing anything so he figured it was not going to happen. As the band continued to move forward a surprise email made its way to the band. Cody said the email said we were in and we needed to pick the day they wanted to play.

The entire band said they were excited and shocked this had become a reality. The band picked day one and will play a half hour set at 4:30 p.m.

Even with the great opportunity of Loudwire on the step, the band’s decision when to play was heavily influenced by what is going on at home. Kyle said it is the same weekend as the Flaming Gorge Days Battle of the Bands contest and they did not want to miss it.

There was another big reason for the decision, Black Stone Cherry. The band has been heavily influenced by Black Stone Cherry and did not want to miss the opportunity to have a chance to open for them and watch them on stage at Flaming Gorge Days.

“They usually only play in the eastern United States,” Cody said. “We were not going to miss a chance to see them.”

Kyle added for many people they usually pick one music festival to attend in the summer and Flaming Gorge Days is it for many of their fans. Local fans will have several opportunities to catch the band live this summer. Keeping it local, ZamTrip will once again be rocking the Concerts in the Park Stage at Bunning Park.

As always watch the band’s Facebook Page, Website and now Instagram account at ZamTrip Official for updates, merchandise, music and pictures from the band on all the upcoming fun.