Some Land Owners Can Return to Property near Mullen Fire

Some Land Owners Can Return to Property near Mullen Fire

Mullen Fire Information Facebook photo

ALBANY COUNTY — The Mullen Fire, which is burning about 28 miles west of Laramie, is currently 53 percent contained and at 176,840 acres.

Since the fire is more than 50 percent contained, some land and home owners are being allowed to return to their properties, however the areas they are returning to are still under a pre-evacuation order. This means they must be ready to leave on short notice.

979 firefighters and support staff are still at the scene continuing containment efforts. This morning, updated evacuation information was posted on the Mullen Fire Information’s Facebook page, and the InciWeb information page.

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Evacuation Area Update

Effective Oct 17, 2020, at 9 am
The following areas have been changed from mandatory evacuation to pre-evacuation. 

-Moore’s Gulch 
-Lake Creek 

Property owners in the above communities may now enter their private property. Owners will need to access the area through Albany and report to the security check point on forest service road 500 just above Albany. The forest service security will have a list of all property owners in the aforementioned communities.

You will be required to provide a state issued ID and a specific address. Please stay on the advised route to your property. As a reminder there is still a forest closure in this area, so stay on the road. Since these areas are still under a pre-evacuation please be aware of your surroundings and be prepared to leave in short notice.

If you have any additional questions regarding this specific update, please contact the Albany County Sheriff’s Office by calling the non-emergent dispatch line at 307-721-2526 and request to speak with a supervisor. Highway 11 will re-open to allow this access.